Run 2731 – West Coast Spring Run at Kings Park

West Coast Spring Run

Run 2731
Monday 5 September 2022
Hares: Point and Bits

There was nothing about spring in the weather, a very wet night resulting in the run being washed out and Point having to do a live hare run. It is my run next week so I trust that The Griz will do a bit better in the weather department. It is always a risk using this venue but Point must have bribed the thought police and we did not see any sign of King’s Park rangers during the night – very unusual.

Dickie and Budgie arrived in the wagon and parking the vehicle was uneventful and happened without incident. It is always a source of amusement to us early arrivers to watch the dynamics and interaction between driver and hare as to the best location for parking.

A late start at 6.15 (some PH3 members don’t read the newsletter) and off went the runners – all 15 of them and the remainder waited for our dear leader Phantom to lead off the walkers. I made the fatal mistake of talking to Budgie and Dickie at the beginning of the walk and we weren’t concentrating and soon lost the walker pack. The hares were smart enough to get us out of the Park quickly and the walk took us through the office centre of West Perth then to Harold Boas Gardens and back to the Park via Havelock Street.

Basil Brush led the circle and his first act was to give a down down to Birdie who contravened hash tradition and called Scummie by his Christian name – its Barry! Scummy then joined him by making a disrespectful comment to the chair. Other down downs were Flasher who was looking remarkably fit having lost a stone – both in weight and as in kidney, Sir Knob (covid) and Birdman. Pembo joined BB and delivered his usual well researched joke. Reluctant as RA took over and called up Topgun who we were told went all the way to Whitfords Shopping Centre for the hash lunch but couldn’t find the venue and then delivered a good joke at Triple’s expense about a free helicopter ride from the top of Ben Nevis.BB finished the circle by calling up Fang who was noticed not having a drink at the drink stop – a fairly serious charge. Just as the circle was finishing, Dickies phone rang but he insisted that it was not an errant call but only his newly installed pacemaker sending a signal that the unit was in working order.

The committee put on the food which were hamburgers with all the trimmings and our thanks go to all the members who contributed to the food preparation. I was planning hamburgers for next week but will now have to rethink so as to avoid the criticism of having the same meal 2 weeks running – such are the dynamics of hash. All in all great night and our thanks to West Coast for inviting us to their run