RUN 2728- Seagull at Kalamunda Water Park – (2 – write-up provided by Gumby)

SEAGULL couldn’t have picked a better night. With the run starting from the car park at Kalamunda’s ‘Wet & Wild Park’ and the storm hitting Perth at 5pm, it really turned the situation into a Wet & Wild night. Seagull wasn’t wrong when he asked why we hadn’t brought our Speedo’s as we were starting the run at the West & Wild park and going to be swimming on the trail. He wasn’t wrong. Seagull took charge, as a good Hare, and nominated Q to be a Live Hare, so the pack wouldn’t get lost whilst looking for the chalk that had washed away.
There was good bush running through the many tracks around and through Kalamunda, albeit wet and dark. It was good running and swimming territory and the flour held well throughout run, considering the volume of water around. The trail took us around Kalamunda, through bushlands and brought us back into town. The pack was surprised how many under cover car parks there were in Kalamunda, giving a chance to temporarily dry before the trail took us back outside into the streams. More of a swim than a run.
Fortunately Grizzly’s work mates actually got the forecast right, where most runners came with spare dry clothes, to warm up before the circle started.
In normal fashion, our illustrious On Sec, got the circle started. With the pack huddling under the small tin roof, even Pembo was struggling to be heard above the background (at times foreground) noise of the heavy rain on the tin roof. The Down Downs included Perth Hash putting up with Pembo for 23 Years (well done PH3), Neon and Seagull as Returnees, Pig Trap as Visitor along with his fellow being, Piggy, Tomarse for interrupting the circle after Ringburners Sowndowner pitch and Phantom getting frustrated trying to explain the
difficult concept of a Restaurant Run. Our Stand-in RA, Sir Knobb, did an excellent job appointing Crayfish as his Joint Minister (following latest Parliamentary Protocols), getting Elbows up because he complained about
Sir Knob’s joke involving a Mail Run, as he prefers Female Runs, and awarding SeaGull 9.12 run score because of the good run territory, good marking with glue laced flour and good shelter from the wet & wild weather. In addition, the vegetable Sheppard’s Pie was a hit – hot and perfect in wet weather. It must have been a treat, as Rumpole had four servings…..