Run 2678 – Phantom in Claremont


While thinking about how to summarise the run I stumbled on an underling theme which I am surprised Dickie being a bit of a clairvoyant had not picked up on ,however bearing in mind he did have trouble finding the venue being in the Western Suburbs so he was a little confused , the theme, considering the seniorority of the hares , the route took us past the Ghost Ride, The Covid Clinic the into Karrakatta Cemetery , scary stuff.

Getting back to the run a reasonable size pack met at a very good location plenty of light and cover , pack set off on a scenic tour of the Showgrounds, they became a little unsettled as hash hound Twitch did the mandatory poo amongst them, in their haste to vacate the area they disappeared up some well set false trails, then headed up past the Clinic before losing the tail for a short while outside the ground.Run. then took us through the Cemetery parts of Claremont before returning to the heart of THE MIGHTY FIGHTING TIGERS.

Have got little information regarding the performance of the runners as my contact FT failed dismally, however being a noted shortcutter , he would have little information regarding the run anyway. In hindsight a very poor choice.

The circle was very entertaining with Gumby in fine form, lots of laughs, mainly at Chunders expense ,in summary a very good run , excellent food, a good time was had by all.

To keep Phantom happy, I failed to mention the hares by name could you add at the bottom,” Well done Hares Phantom and Sir Knob”
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Author: John Najar

self funded retiree