Run 2763 – Elbows in Rossmoyne

We had the Macbeth storm, but no witches. 23 pitched up with the bucket, held up on the Freeway long enough to distress GRIZZLY, but assisted by BUDGIE and Dozer, a frazzled driver parked at 6:00 on the nozzle. The wind and rain was severe until 6:00 until he that parts the waters worked some magic Nine went on a run with a very capable BIGGLES doing a great job of live hare, with some trail surviving. We had canine support with Dozer and Maggie in attendance and Meeka and Malone having more sense, staying home curled up next to the fire. We abbreviated the run somewhat and Q reported 5.5km or so. STEWIE took the 15 or so for a walk and by 7:00 we were all a bunch of happy campers, with just about enough cover for the 23 as we had a few showers come through during the circle.
During the one hour of hashing, both rain and wind ceased and the runners were complaining of overheating.
PEMBO looking dressed for Ascot car parking attendance duties could not stay away as he did not want any Hashmen eating without alcohol bathed hands. That is dedication. As a result he had to get to work at 5:30 on Tuesday. Good job Pembo.
The run. ELBOWS had a Polish cat of aristocratic heritage as co-hare with HAGGIS on bucket duty. The Hon. RA produced a score of 10.1 but being forgetful he failed to consider the deductions to be applied: Cover insufficient – 0.06; Hare constant interruptions and arguing black and blue due to failing memory – 0.45 and the doozie – forgetting the chips – 0.5.
Energetic ELBOWS provided the food from the local take-away and a piping hot individually packaged lasagne with garlic bread, all delicious and plentiful with a starter of olives and cheese satisfied the small but dedicated group. The Western Suburbs were not up to any representation. Tut-tut.
On on. MOSES

Author: John Najar

self funded retiree