Run 2670 – Crayfish in Jolimont

Was it Ace’s run? Or was it Crayfish’s run? Turned out to be Crayfish’s run in place of Ace’s run as Crayfish’s run was cancelled last week due to COVID restrictions. Whatever. At the Wembley footy oval. ???
Weather was atrocious on the drive to the run, and everyone was getting prepared for a downpour during the evening. The hardcore runners, walkers and dogs set off in different directions. Well, maybe the dogs stayed near their owners (nobody else will).
The larger group – the walkers – were happy that the rain stayed away long enough for us to find the Wembley Hotel, where we imbibed in a beer and considered whether we used to be drinkers with a running problem, or whether we had got over the problem. The jury is still out. A light sprinkle on the way home, beating the deluge that was to come later.
A small group of about 10 runners led by live-hare Bushie went for a trot on a soaked trail with very little chalk to start with. Amazingly later in the run we saw not only chalk but flour too.
As it was, when the runners found themselves in a deluge and with a decision to either turn left into Subi and go for a Guinness or turn right and head home via Hay/Underwood . . . five went directly and four to Subi.
They got back after 45 minutes and 20 minutes later the heros comprising Pitt, Bushie, Triple and Emu arrived back at the Circle. Honourable mentions Stumbles came up specially for the run and Gumbie sang us some cheer. Ramrod gave himself a down down for telling the Circle that Ace’s run is in Booragoon next week. IT’S NOT – IT IS MASTITIS’ RUN IN KINGSLEY!
The shelter was adequate, the fire was terrific and the Kentucky Fried Chicken, chips and coleslaw were well received while the squalls came through. Great run in the circumstances. Got a nine point nine and a bit. Still haven’t worked out the scoring criteria.
Rained all the way home.

On On. Mastitis (with help from Moses)

Author: John Najar

self funded retiree