Run 2666 – Ramrod in Yokine

Around 40 Hashers turned up at Yokine Reserve for what was rumored to be the best run of the year as the Hares are two of our best, Ramrod and Scummy.

At six sharp the runners were off followed by the walkers, Budgie had Ramrods dug (Dog) on a short lead, “poor dug!” Well, how would you like to be tethered to Budgie on a short lead for an hour?

The walkers were first in, followed by the runners, and believe it or not there were very few complaints from either except for a few runners who (forgot their specs and or torches) got lost. I was told the run was 8.5 km.

When we got back the Bucket was in full flight with its wings out and the outdoor heater going full blast making it a very pleasant place to drink beer. Eventually, Ramrod took to the crate to give us his spiel starting with a welcome to our guest Jeff Mason, then our returnees Neon and Colonel got their down down. Lasagna got a down down for 30 years hashing. Budgie won the raffle but pulled the wrong card from the pack but still went home with a bottle of wine. Ramrod finished with his usual Glasgow joke and as a fellow Scot from neither Glasgow nor Edinburgh I can tell you that Glasgow people are very funny people and good joke tellers. Edinburgh people are not. They are too posh to tell jokes!!!! (Fur coats and nae knickers)

Supper looked very bland, being rolls with corned beef, salad, and relishes, however, it tasted delicious due to the quality of the ingredients and corned beef rolls went down very well with beer.

Author: John Najar

self funded retiree