Run 2665 – Seagull in Lesmurdie

Run 2665 Set by Seagull & Q.

29 Hashmen plus 2 visitors (Dave the Pom and Geoff Mason) braved the artic conditions in the heights of Lesmudie at Ray Owen Reserve. Fortunately there was no wind and the rain had finished.
The pack set off into the darkness followed by the walkers led by Stewie. The trail was well marked and had a variety of streets and bush paths; but as less than 1 in 4 walkers had a torch the going was interesting to say the least. Memorable was one bit going down hill with ankle breaking boulders galore. Would have been hard in daylight but was very testing in the dark. For once the walkers kept a compact pack close to Stewie as most of us had no idea where we were or where the bucket was.
The walkers finished after 55 minutes and the runners came in 10 minutes behind saying that it was a good run. I can’t comment further on the run other than to say it was dog shaped as Scummie arrived late and came with the walkers.
Back at the bucket the gas heater was giving out a meagre amount of heat until Dick Tracy made an expert repair by accidentally banging the regulator on the ground and normal service was gratefully resumed.
Bushranger put on a carton of Guiness for his birthday last week which was well received.
Chunder had a down down for 49 years in hash on the 19th.
Phantom claimed a pair of sunglasses Dickie had found as he thought it made him look more like the superhero!
Sir Tom Arse was pinged for parking in a disabled spot and Sir Knob and Horse for their parking prowess.
Ramrod failed to win the Joker by pulling the 10D.
R.A Nanny gave the run 9.16 (just to be different) and awarded Q the new bell all the way from Switzerland.
Food was excellent pork enchiladas with sour cream and cheese.
A great evening.
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Author: John Najar

self funded retiree