Run 2664 – Dollar Bill in Hillaries

Run 2664 – Dollar at Flinders Park (Acrostic version)

West of Hillarys at Flinders Park was the starting point for Run 2664.
Everyone arrived in time but parking was a little bit limited.

Gathering clouds loomed ominously but held their precipitation.
OnOn was called by Dollar as he pointed in the general direction of the park.

Hashmen of all abilities set off.
After just 500m the front runners lost the trail.
Separately the walkers headed off in the opposite direction.
Hardly a kilometre into the walk and Phantom had also lost the trail.
It’s not common for the walkers to do False Trails, but this week there were at least three!
Now, back to the runners, some of whom had managed to find a trail.
Groups of athletes were running in all directions; five this way, three that way.

Eventually some chalk was found.
Very small shots of port welcomed us to the drink stop.
Even some of the wayward runners remembered where Dollar lived and made it there too.
Running back was still a challenge but eventually everyone was accounted for.
You might think the run was a failure but then…

Munchies of cheese, crackers and chillies (!) were on offer back at the bucket.
One point nine was the RA’s score.
Nine point four kilometres for those that ran for the full hour and fifteen minutes!
Down downs for the usual suspects, birthday boys and anniversaries.
A delicious stew with potatoes and bread and fresh parsley garnish rounded off the night.
Yet another week of beer, laughs, good food and good company!

On On. Seagull

Author: John Najar

self funded retiree