Run 2162 – Flasher in Leeming

Well you could say a tectonic fault affected the whole run. Was well planned, but outcome was disjointed.
Quite a few holdups as trail was hard to find.
Grey chalk is not very visible, especially when hidden under a bush!
Or perhaps the hares marked the trail last Thursday and it became somewhat faint.
Territory was good with plenty of false trails and use of laneways.
A couple of times it became a walker-led run which is pretty embarrassing for elite athletes.
Nonetheless, there were positives. Length at 55m was good, weather beautiful, lighting from the Optus stadium excellent [sorry, I meant from our new van], tucker of rolls & snags tasty and a good effort.
Scummy scored a down-down for calling on when he saw some painted arrows on the footpath [where was Pembo when you need him?]
RA Nanny scored it 9.05. Does the scoring begin at 9 nowadays?

On On Emu
[in lieu of Gumby who has vanished to the republic of Victoria]

Author: John Najar

self funded retiree