Run 2661 – Conman in Shenton Park

Hare: Conman​​​​​​ Co Hare: Budgie
Alinea Building – Shenton Park
If they were selling real estate, this had it all. LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION.
Unfortunately for the hare, this is Monday night and it takes chalk, chalk and more flour. Then as an even more discouraging aspect the Hare was unable to use the alphabet, instead falling back on N American Indian iconography (I suspect we can blame Budgie for this after his many years in the snowdrifts of USA). There was significant inventiveness about the route, except for all the laneways that remained unused, lack of direction once we hit Rosalie Pk was also a source of frustration for the runners. Most of the pack failed to see any chalk after we left Rosalie Pk in a fog. Enough of the bad talk.
The location (as previously mentioned) really leant itself to a conviviality about the evening. The climate control exercised by the Hare (forget about the Co Hare here) was commendable, along with the abundance of cold VB cans, plenty of lighting and more than adequate parking to keep everyone together without leaving anyone out, to go and have to find more parking. Once the circle started, there was general agreement from Elbows that there was an influx of new songs (which probably came as a surprise to those at the back of the circle) which were agreeable to many in the circle. Perhaps these new found singing hymns can be continued???? Gumby is always willing to assist in these endeavours.
I think the pack is getting slack as they failed to serenade the Religious Advisor as he stepped forward to present his sermon, with the club song. SLACK. That apart, there was general consensus that the ramblings of the RA were mostly harmless and everyone immediately did the normal thing and made for the food cue. Here is definitely where the hare resurrected his score, as there was plenty of food and enough for thirds for those that had failed to have lunch.
So there you have it, another great night at the best Hash Club in Perth on a great evening.
Wouldn’t be dead for quids.
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Author: John Najar

self funded retiree