Run 2660 – Joint Run (WCH3) @ Dayton – almost east of the Rabbit Proof Fence


After all these years you’d think the Children would have grown up enough, to be able to get run directions correct. A fallacy if ever there was one. Not only were we given the wrong location, but it differed by almost 30Km. Then when the new directions came through, streets did not have the supplied names on the directions. Great start to a joint run. When I arrived I was amazed to see something that resembled an awning hanging off the bucket. I am still to be reliably informed that this is the same piece that has been hanging off the side of the bucket since it came to hash.

As is now common, there was a quick briefing by hare suggesting that it was an 8Km run with a drink stop, and that it started in that direction
The pack of runners took off in the appropriate direction, only to turn around and go in the opposite direction. EXCELLENT. Around through the newer streets of the locality, and through the cunning use of false trails and checks kept the pack together for the first half of the run, then about 10 minutes before the drink stop it all went to manure and the back half of the pack fell away, and were forced to rely on the irregular sounding of the horn (sorry, I will lift my game in future runs, as will Moses).

The drink stop was in the newest street on the run, with not a single completed house in view and at least 15 in various stages of construction. This part of the run had obviously been set on the afternoon of the run, as none of it had been “disappeared” by the actions of the tradies. EXCELLENT. A short canter after the drink stop, back to home and once again the tail of the pack fell away to come in at a substantial distance from the front half of the pack. A shame really because it had been a well set run, just that these young buggers run too f…ing fast.

Back to the bucket and it was heartening to see how many of each of the clubs were involved in deep discussions about whether Rhino should be re-named, and the quality of the run. All too quickly the circle was called and was led by the On Sec from West Coast (sorry again, can’t remember his name), accusations were made and not denied, drinks were awarded, and singing of DIFFERENT songs was heard, some Perth Hashmen even joined into these infrequently heard tunes.

Basil Brush was called up to give a run score and critique, and was then that he made the inflammatory call for the ice. Little does he realise that the victim of his icing, has a long memory.

Food was called for, and Crayfish is to be congratulated on the new cuisine, which was well accepted by all, and I doubt there was much left at the end of the evening. Unsurprisingly, because of the first flush of cold weather for the season had arrived on the evening, the girls blouses from West Coast left early which led to a charge by those from the Golden Triangle to retreat to the Western Suburbs in quick succession.

All in all, a great evening, even if it was a long way from our normal haunts.

Well done West Coast and Crayfish, let’s hope we can do as well when it comes around to our turn.



In the absence of FT, and without or authority, a quick comment on the Joint run set by West Coast at Dayton.

After a false start with a run set in the East rather than in the West as first announced a large pack found the location, no thanks to UBD, TomTom or Garmin or car GPS, though apparently Prick in the Wall found the location on Google Maps. Point was sent off by his GPS to Dayton, Ohio. This Dayton is brand new and certainly a different demographic, but all seems to work rather well really.

This clown turned South at Arthur and in 50 metres decided in had to be North so a U-Turn fixed that and Polly has a little sojourn to the South before guiding Moses to the car park. It was a bit small for the numbers, but a good location with light and easy access from Reid Highway, once you knew where it was.

Very well set run using paths through bush and a bit of gravel and even shaggy requiring a small leap over a stream which Bushie reports the short legs could not achieve so one wet shoe and sock. One Jack Russell thought her name was Jesunna and got more than a wet undercart.

The front runners did 6.5km and those who got to 5.7 were passed by Phranger about a dozen times, so kept together and very well set and marked.
Well done Hares. Even a drink stop at Basil Lane, posed by the same bod who gave the wrong venue and start time first up.

Run time about 43 minutes.

The Subway arrangements marshalled by Crayfish worked well and a few fairly happy campers started leaving at about 8:00pm.

On On