Run 2659 – Pembo – NOT the Laksa Run @ Canning Vale

Unofficial report on PEMBO’s Run in Canning Vale. SHAKIN, with a dickie knee and still rehabilitating from his ankle surgery was his bar assistant.

The run was set in new territory, the On On being in the middle of a vast industrial area growing ever bigger by the day. Given the run location being far out of town, for some, the turnout of 45 hashmen was a great endorsement to the hare’s capacity to cater well, over many years. Among those visitors were ST PETER, ERNIE DINGO, and the hare SiL.

After taking delivery of the wine cartons purchased by the Perth Hash members concerned with improving our financial outlook, we were sent away looking out for our trail which, this time, was marked with chalk and flour, not paint. We quickly ended in bushland, following the east-west freight train railway to Ranford road before cutting back towards Market City and into more commercial real estate then back to Bannister road and on home.

We were greeted on our return by a shirtless person, of the youngish female variety, handing out the hash splash. Within minutes of our return, the poor thing was mobbed by our ageing “Tart Minders” all jostling for a moment’s attention and a boost to their flagging libido…

The circle was a swift and uplifting affair (the GM being imprisoned in a man cage, looking down on his flock). RAMROD was announced as our interim OnSec keeping with the trend of recruiting non English speaking candidates.

The RA gave the run a 9.15 score for the 6.4km, 50 minutes trail and the hares got their photo taken hugging the shirtless person.

The formalities being over, we all moved out and got a belly full of delicious pizza cooked by Vince the Mobile Pizza Man while sipping some fine red wines provided by our host.

The crowd quickly dispersed when the shirtless lass became bottom less and bedtime was looming.

Great night and great effort by PEMBO.

Next week, we’ve got a joint run with the “babies” in Stirling. Enjoy that, I’ll be riding the Munda Bindi from Albany to Walpole.

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