Run 2654 – Blue Dress Run by Harriettes @ Wireless Hill Reserve

What Happened Monday

Well nothing as it was a public holiday, but on Tuesday there was the Blue Dress Run at Wireless Hill Reserve.

What looked liked being a washout because of the black clouds and torrential rain experienced by early arrivals eased off by the time of the run start at 7.00 pm. Being a joint hash run with all the usual suspect hashes, a large contingent of hash men and women with a number of the former well attired as their female counterparts, set off along the very narrow trails in the Reserve making things difficult for the runners to overtake the lethargic walkers whose tongues were being exercised more than their legs.

The run took us down onto the residential streets around Booragoon and onward into Garden City Centre carpark then northwards towards the river and finally a path back to Wireless Hill Reserve amounting to a short 4 kilometre run including checks.

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Perth Hash House Harriers Inc.

Perth Harriettes

From: On Sec
Sent: Saturday, 13 March 2021 1:25 PM
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Subject: Blue Dress Run (or do I say The “Blew” Dress Run)

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would drop you a line with info on the Blue Dress Run.

Firstly please thank all of your members who braved the terrible weather to attend. How good was it to have LaFitz & Shorty chat about Waddles? Plus Sarah from MND certainly hit home with her informative speech. It’s great to know we can all make a difference.

Secondly, from me personally, I am very sorry for the debacle with the registrations…we never had a plan B (or a working pen it seems haha) We were so caught off guard when our poor Hash Cash was held up on the Freeway due to the dreadful weather in the Northern suburbs. We will definitely be better prepared next year ( afterall we already have the blue bands we didn’t get to use haha)

Anyway our clever Cash ‘Gorgeous’ managed to decipher my hieroglyphics and we had a total of 103 hashers attend. Down by about 50 on last year but perfectly understandable with the shocking conditions. 

On saying our attendance numbers were down we have still managed to send a fantastic donation of $1775 to MND which includes the $325 raised from the raffle (thanks again to Horse). 

Thanks to everyone who pitched in when the rain began and helped with shelters busses etc you helped make the run a success.  We can’t do this without your club’s participation so please know we are indeed grateful.



Onsec Perth Harriettes