Run 2656 – Jerrycan @ Tom Perrot Reserve

The pack assembled at a fairly familiar run location on a warm night and after a quick debrief explaining that we would in fact be on chalk and flour for a change the runners headed off towards Stirling Highway and the walkers went, well, who knows.

The run was well set with a good amount of false trails in the first half as we passed over the bridge before heading along the beach. After emptying the beach from our shoes we headed back across the highway and train line. Inconsiderately, the runners decided to skip the drink stop entirely with a spot of shortcutting leaving only the walkers to relieve Jerrycan of his refreshments. A long straight home without too many falsies took us along the bank of the Swan River before arriving back to the bucket at Tom Perrot Reserve for a drink or three.

Soon after, the circle was called and we were subjected to more “Hash Trivia” courtesy of Haggis. Hopefully he gets the memo that his circles are clearly far too advanced for the average hashman. On the other hand, The Mole managed to win “Who wants to be a Hashionaire” when he pulled the Joker, winning a bottle of his own wine and the $400 kitty.

After the circle had finished the Hares served up a great chicken curry while also managing to provide full dining accomodation. Certainly setting a precedent for future runs.

On On,