Run 2651 – Horse @ Caversham

After an unbelievably wet February weekend and half of Monday for Perth, the weather gods with the assistance of Moses and in the absence of Grizzly elected to fine up the weather for Horse, Cans and Rimmer.

Horse organised the Scout Hall in Caversham on Lord Street and a fine venue too.  Lots of parking as well as easy to get to and find.  Who remembers the last run on Benara Road when one still in our midst got lost and arrived back after ages, very pi553d with fire appearing from his Scottish ears?.  Was that also the time that Rusty was hare and many of us left before the food was cooked?

A good turnout with a pile of runners, maybe numbers increased because of mask wearing rules.

Members and visitors to a man other than Emu were wearing masks.  He still obviously has not got over the Trump demise so needing a demonstration of non-compliance.

We were promised as much chalk as the last Cans run a few weeks ago and whilst we started in that vein, we lost the trail a few times.

Whilst the run fundamentally headed North, we started off heading Westish round the burbs with lots of turns before coming back to the on off in what must be one of the best loops ever for potential late arrivals. 

More streets, lanes with doublegee such that Meeka and Maggie said no and Nanny and Moses ended up carrying their dogs.  Puddie was unaffected.  More on dogs follows:

We were all having a pleasant Hash experience and Cuttler Road arrived.  Appropriate name for where one resident lives. Replace the third letter and drop the last 3.  His cat was minding its own business when Meeka arrived in the fashion Meeka does anything. Putin clone named above wanted to fight the world with infantile “bring it on” “halfwit” and significantly worse.  Meeka got a slap from the cat and Nanny claims he recalled Meeka and she came.  Close to WWiii.  Nanny, not the first time, you should try harder to make sure it is the last. Imagine poor Mrs Putin clone, she has to live with the piece of detritus.  We only had two minus of agony with him.

The run went swimmingly until we got to the Tonkin when after two attempts to go either round or over the bridge Mother Gnocchi, concerned for the well-being of some of the geriatrics, suggested as we could see Lord Street, we meander down that to Home.  RIngburner and Moses had FT and Prick in the Wall running in the bush30 metres to the left all the way home.

So a very nice 8km run in 65 minutes, truly enjoyable and a bonus considering recent weather.

The food needs a mention.  Rimmer had prepared a fine meal of potatoes with sausages which was frozen and successfully reheated.  Vegies with this and there was absolutely heaps of food.

There was zero local lighting and that on the bucket works a treat.  Well worth the effort Rumpole and all concerned – Good job!