Run 2649 – The Mole @ Whitford

Run 2649 The Mole at Whitford

The run started under gloomy skies and fortunately for The Mole, the threatened thunderstorm wimped out, as there wasn’t a lot of shelter to be seen in the car park off Northshore Drive.

The run started well with lots of false trails and good use of the parkland strips, that kept the pack together and back runners often finding themselves at the front and having to deal with the threat of finding the next FT.

Unfortunately for The Mole he got a bit cute with his home trail being a bit close to his out trail and when FT went right instead of left after yet another pack reversal, most of the pack found the way home in just over 30 minutes. The short-priced favourite for shortest run of the year award!

Scummy and Lasagne came in after about an hour claiming to done the whole run but more likely they had just got temporarily geographically embarrassed (Geo speech for being lost).

The circle was treated with the normal number of visitors, returnees, birthdays, anniversaries and down downs for misdeeds. We then got to eat our quarter chicken and chips watching the sunset and the rainbows.

ON ON, Action