Run 2638 – Antman @ Whitfords Nodes

 itHash Run 3rd November 2020   Ant man and Scummy Run

Forget about the run write up, what about “The Bucket write up?” That’s where it was all happening.

I will however touch on the run.  Back at the Bucket  Phantom handed me his map and said it might help you do the write-up.  It looks like a bloody marathon.  I couldn’t see any of them with a sweat-up  or you are all ultra fit or short cutters  (I think the latter).  

I overheard Q say it could be around 12ks.?  The only one I reckon who did neither was Pitt.  Well done mate.  You showed em all up.  Although it does look well set out in particular the nodes.

Well done Antman and Scummy.  Bit of humour there at the start with Antman trying to catch his dog!

For the walkers,  very pleasant.  Pembo and I + hounds lost sight of the boys on Hilarys  Marina  after Horse directed us up a FT.  So Pem and me decided to walk across the bridge and through the Quay.  Pembo read a sign  as we proceeded (do’s and dont’s)  One was no dogs.  I noticed underneath it also said (except Guide dogs).  I  suggested to Pembo if stopped, we have two of the above which need to get used to large crowds.  (forget the blind bit,  Great chick magnets).

Back at the Bucket things were happening.  Back to Pitt.  Rumours were flying around!  He might have carket  it,  bitten by a snake,  fallen off a node,  skitled by a car or even  way “layed”  by one of the skinny dipper sheila’s  on the beach.?

At the same time, our esteemed member Sir Knob called up Moses (lost his dog dish again) for a Down Down.  We were informed he was not available as he had locked his keys in his car.  Even the great minds of our mob and mechanics  couldn’t get in,  so called in outside help.  After he arrived less than a minute job done.  Mosses stress levels abated  until he got the bill

Back to the bucket.  I managed  to get  a joke in the “Renta Crowed  showed ” their usual applause.  (Trumpy could use this lot?)

Then there was dinner.  Compliments to Antman’s Missus.  Stacks of rice, sprinkled with  bits  of chook and topped with a yummy salad.  Excellent fare.  Except no-one told Scummy you had to supply the cutlery,  Where was the Hash Flash when you need him?  Balancing rice on a knife-blade.  Lots using their hands, if your an Arab, which hand don'[t you use?  

Best one of the night Sir Knob trying to fit a Ladle into his mouth.  Mind you he was a “Polly”.

Once again it was a great nights Hashing,  now I’ve got to go home and do the bloody dishes!     On  On    Xmas