Run 2672 – Moses in Dianella

HARE: Moses. Co HARE: Jack Russell. On a friggin’ cold and bleak night and expecting the worst from the weather, 30+ intrepid hash souls gathered at Breckler Park Dianella. With Moses as Hare we expected a long but good run and evening. No disappointments yet but it was early with plenty of scope for problems.
First was that Moses insisted on parking the bucket, which is about 3m high, under a 2.5m high tree. That sorted we gathered in the bleak gloom with all seeking their household fires (ref: Thomas Hardy’s “Commonplace Day”)and realised that some of our finest were missing. Turns out they were at a birthday bash for Grandad/Larry/Looselips at his restaurant. Ooo..kay! (Why on a Monday night?)
Off on the run after Moses delivered the sermon from the mountain top (No flour, all chalk, now bugger off). About even numbers of runners/walkers which augured well. Walkers ably led by Stewie or so the pack thought until we realised he had disappeared without anyone noticing. All corrected by flashlight in the very dark and early gloom. A good solid walk right around the golf course plus some, very hilly and the full hour. The walkers were joined by Haggis very early cos the run looked too tough and the weather too Scottish.
The runners set off well and apparently separated early with Pitt and Polecat thinking independently of the pack but all getting in almost on time. They win the Viagra Award for the week for failing to keep up. Again the full hour loop without too many hills after going though suburbia, parks and bush reserves. Pretty good run with some long stretches but still dry if bloody cold even after all hashers mentioned they were sweating from the run. Good to see Grizzly back running after his accident.
Into the circle:
Visitor: Long Balls ex Carnarvon and Ding ex Hamersley who skived a beer and then went into the local clubrooms for a meeting.
Returnees: Gumby apparently.
Birthdays: Lasagna (Zero alcohol beers for a Dry July. Brave!) and Pembo (Guinness) Thanks blokes.
Down Downs were awarded for things I can’t remember or read cos I wrote them in the dark without my glasses but Haggis figured prominently because of the Scots/Edinburgh influence and Hon Sec’s singing in a foreign tongue. Gumby managed to come up with a different D/D song for each offender. Antman also scored one then tried to atone by offering Castelli wines for sale to benefit the club. Good stuff too. Speak to him directly for those.
The Hon Sec then managed to find another joke we’d all heard before. Doesn’t seem to matter at our ages, does it?
Emu helpfully pointed out that Nanny had stepped in his own dog’s primary output and both scored a D/D for that.
Biggles won the raffle and failed to draw the joker but scored a bottle of wine for holding the winning ticket.
The hares were awarded 9.24 for their efforts. Well done.
Into the tucker of superb silverside and enormous amounts of mashed potato. Really good effort there and a great night of good company and a few beers. Thanks Moses and Jack Russell. On On. Elbows