Run 2671 – Mastitis in Kingsley

The weather as forecast by BOM and not able to be influenced by Grizzly was meant to be nothing less than dreadful with 35kt winds and heaps of showers. It certainly kept away the less adventurous Hashmen, with only 25 attendees. The running numbers were abysmal, starting at 7 including the co-hare FT to make sure we did not get lost. As it transpired, most of the chalk (engineer grade white and yellow) survived reasonably well and we may have managed to stay on trail, but appreciated FT’s help. This bod stayed on trail for all of it and did a few less falsies than Q who clocked 8km whilst we all thought it was 7km or a smidge less. We meandered East, heading North towards Shepherd’s Bush Reserve, traipsed through that, checked out Barridale to ensure it had not been washed away, meandered thru the burbs, crossed Balmain and then looped round and back West and then Northwards through the bottle shop and home after a really good run in great running territory. A lot of walking so just under the hour.
Notes: 2 bugles and a horn out of 7. Q was sole front runner, guided by FT, with Nanny, Bushie, Emu, Moses, late arrival Polecat all aided by Meeka and Maggie.
Visitor – Wayne from Bahrain.
Cartons from FT and Soft Top, with Moses taking the down-down for Soft Top having summer in Bodensee.
Mastitis with Co-hare Neon are commended for a great effort, good location change, big effort on setting the trail helped by FT and an excellent miserable weather meal of roast beef with gravy, choice of rolls and coleslaw. Nibbles of cheese and biscuits noted.
RA scored it 9.97. Not a bad sort of a number really.
On On.