Run 2667 – Rimmer in Warwick

Rimmer and Nanny, Hawker park, North Pole.

Another very cold night as Tripple J said, it’s not the cold, your just not dressed properly.

The pack set off on a very well set run, lots of false trails and a few checks. Didn’t know there were so many hills in warwick. Good use of lanes and parks. About ¾ into the run I got chatting to Bushy, lost trail, and found ourselves on warwick road and back on home.

Put some warm clothes on, Emu was asked to critique the run, very vague but got the job done.

Down downs were given and a new member was named biggles, good on you mate

Good warm food was served, washed down with a COLD beer. Great run, good food.

OnOn Lasagna