Run 2665 – Seagull in Lesmurdie

Run 2665 Set by Seagull & Q.

29 Hashmen plus 2 visitors (Dave the Pom and Geoff Mason) braved the artic conditions in the heights of Lesmudie at Ray Owen Reserve. Fortunately there was no wind and the rain had finished.
The pack set off into the darkness followed by the walkers led by Stewie. The trail was well marked and had a variety of streets and bush paths; but as less than 1 in 4 walkers had a torch the going was interesting to say the least. Memorable was one bit going down hill with ankle breaking boulders galore. Would have been hard in daylight but was very testing in the dark. For once the walkers kept a compact pack close to Stewie as most of us had no idea where we were or where the bucket was.
The walkers finished after 55 minutes and the runners came in 10 minutes behind saying that it was a good run. I can’t comment further on the run other than to say it was dog shaped as Scummie arrived late and came with the walkers.
Back at the bucket the gas heater was giving out a meagre amount of heat until Dick Tracy made an expert repair by accidentally banging the regulator on the ground and normal service was gratefully resumed.
Bushranger put on a carton of Guiness for his birthday last week which was well received.
Chunder had a down down for 49 years in hash on the 19th.
Phantom claimed a pair of sunglasses Dickie had found as he thought it made him look more like the superhero!
Sir Tom Arse was pinged for parking in a disabled spot and Sir Knob and Horse for their parking prowess.
Ramrod failed to win the Joker by pulling the 10D.
R.A Nanny gave the run 9.16 (just to be different) and awarded Q the new bell all the way from Switzerland.
Food was excellent pork enchiladas with sour cream and cheese.
A great evening.
On On

Run 2664 – Dollar Bill in Hillaries

Run 2664 – Dollar at Flinders Park (Acrostic version)

West of Hillarys at Flinders Park was the starting point for Run 2664.
Everyone arrived in time but parking was a little bit limited.

Gathering clouds loomed ominously but held their precipitation.
OnOn was called by Dollar as he pointed in the general direction of the park.

Hashmen of all abilities set off.
After just 500m the front runners lost the trail.
Separately the walkers headed off in the opposite direction.
Hardly a kilometre into the walk and Phantom had also lost the trail.
It’s not common for the walkers to do False Trails, but this week there were at least three!
Now, back to the runners, some of whom had managed to find a trail.
Groups of athletes were running in all directions; five this way, three that way.

Eventually some chalk was found.
Very small shots of port welcomed us to the drink stop.
Even some of the wayward runners remembered where Dollar lived and made it there too.
Running back was still a challenge but eventually everyone was accounted for.
You might think the run was a failure but then…

Munchies of cheese, crackers and chillies (!) were on offer back at the bucket.
One point nine was the RA’s score.
Nine point four kilometres for those that ran for the full hour and fifteen minutes!
Down downs for the usual suspects, birthday boys and anniversaries.
A delicious stew with potatoes and bread and fresh parsley garnish rounded off the night.
Yet another week of beer, laughs, good food and good company!

On On. Seagull

Run 2663 – Gumby Mosman Park Tennis Club

The run was in a good location. I seem to think that I have been there before. But my memory is bad so every run is a new run. One thing I noticed is that the walkers out numbered the runners by almost 2 to 1. Not that were getting older and can’t run, Just that the runners were absent. That was good it meant the runners weren’t in our way.
> The walk was scenic always a pleasure to follow the swan river and through the nice homes and parks. The walk lasted one hour and at a good pace. Well done phantom. We did notice a few short cutters.
> The runners were in short numbers maybe a few more next week. For more info on the run refer to FT’s unofficial write up. On all accounts a good run.
> Thanks Gumby for the drink stop, we seemed to have missed it by a few hundred metres and a wrong turn. The sample G&T I had afterwards was top stuff. A lot of effort went into the drink stop, sad we missed it. I believe the few runners who made it enjoyed the drink stop. I think bushie made up for the walkers.
> The circle was rather a quiet one, a quick one and pleasurable one.
> The hash Tucker by Gumby was a type of tortilla a nice recipe and a nice amount of chilli heat, very enjoyable.
> A lot of effort went into tonight’s run.
> A good run/walk
> A good circle
> A good food recipe
> And good company
> Thanks Gumby for a good night this is what hash is all about!
> $$$

Run 2662 – Flasher in Leeming

Well you could say a tectonic fault affected the whole run. Was well planned, but outcome was disjointed.
Quite a few holdups as trail was hard to find.
Grey chalk is not very visible, especially when hidden under a bush!
Or perhaps the hares marked the trail last Thursday and it became somewhat faint.
Territory was good with plenty of false trails and use of laneways.
A couple of times it became a walker-led run which is pretty embarrassing for elite athletes.
Nonetheless, there were positives. Length at 55m was good, weather beautiful, lighting from the Optus stadium excellent [sorry, I meant from our new van], tucker of rolls & snags tasty and a good effort.
Scummy scored a down-down for calling on when he saw some painted arrows on the footpath [where was Pembo when you need him?]
RA Nanny scored it 9.05. Does the scoring begin at 9 nowadays?

On On Emu
[in lieu of Gumby who has vanished to the republic of Victoria]