Run 2652 – AGPU @ Maida Vale

The 2021 AGPU Run 2652 Maida Vale Reserve

Hares Seagull (Joint Master) and Q (Hash Cash)

For the final committee run of Horses Rat Bag the committee we were treated to a cleverly devised run formulated by an electrical engineer and an electronic engineer. Masterfully articulated on paper with a wizardry of tricks to ensure that front runners such as Barcode, French Tickler and Gnocchi were soon  puffing and panting harder than Nanny’s dog.

Frequently caught out by a plethora of devious and lengthy false trails, by the halfway mark it was apparent that the winning circle would be occupied by the Shock Jox committee. Triple J, Haggis and Crayfish clearly showing that cunning running quickly translates to winning running.

The whole hour run was contained in a very small area and the pack were never more than 1.5 kilometres from the bucket. Initially looping through nearby bushland and fortunately avoiding the archery club. The route crossed Ridge Hill road only to loop back to the same road and finding a long false trail then back to one of the many footpaths that seemed to be at the end of every cul-de-sac in the area.  

The whole event almost fell apart when a few keen eyed runners spotted the hares at a drink stop on the other side of a park. However when service was refused they came back and assisted by Phantom’s instructions the pack regrouped. But only to be sucked right though a gate into the former army vehicle training land and two extraordinarily long false trails.

Once again Phantom came to the rescue and set them right yet again.

The drink stop was finally reached from the appropriate direction and both runners and walkers were treated to splash and icy poles . Very welcome at the end of a 38 degree day.

A short trot back to the bucket for the start of the AGPU formalities.

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