Birthday cartons


If you would like to share your good fortune of having lived another year with your Perth Hash mates by providing a carton of beer at a run, PLEASE NOTE the following:

  • You can order a carton through Rumpole at a standard cost of $50 regardless of which beer you choose and it will be included in the ration on a run nominated by you. The latest that your order for the beer can be accepted is lunchtime on the day before the run. Payment should be made to PH3 through our Hash Cash in cash or by direct transfer. Our Hash Cash will provide the necessary information for a direct transfer.
  • You can purchase the carton yourself and bring it to the run but the beer must be cold and in your own esky. Please don’t mix your beer in with the ration beer in the Bucket as this causes problems for the duty Tugger at the end of the evening when left-over rations are counted and packed in crates for storage by Glendalough Liquor Store.
  • If you choose to purchase your own carton and bring it to the run, PLEASE BE SURE to phone or text Rumpole on (check hash members directory for Rumpole’s mobile number) or email him at by lunchtime on the day before the run and tell him what beer you intend taking to the run so that he can adjust the run ration accordingly.

On onnnnnnnnnnn…………Rumpole OD, CT