Run 2436 ERNIE DINGO ‘s tour of Sri Lankan Cuisine

ERNIE DINGO ‘s tour of Sri Lankan Cuisine



2436  Ernie Dingo with a little help from his friends


A medium sized pack gathered in beautiful down town Alexander Heights, majority of comments generated by the pack  prior to the start was that they expected the run to be ordinary, but the food would make up for any deficiencies.

I can really only comment personally on the walkers aspect of the run which was good with good use of the parks in the area, and we were of course led by our fearless leader Phantom, and returned to the bucket in just under the hour.


The runners on the other hand were not a happy bunch on their return lots of complaints about the lack of checks and false trails stated that they spent all their time running in straight lines, it is always difficult to get an accurate picture of the run as most of them are wingers and wouid complain even if it was a good run.The Hares didn't appear to be concerned  and the comments appeared to go straight through to the keeper.

No doubt they were resting on the quality of the food ,which didn't disappoint.


The RA awarded the run 6.8 , which was a little surprising, not sure what run he was involved in.