2434 The Phantom’s Search for the Skull Cave

Run 2434: The Phantom’s Search for the Skull Cave

A smallish pack arrived at the Hollywood Bowling Club last Monday night and watched the hares (PHANTOM and SIR KNOB) arrive back from a southerly direction. The more observant hounds amongst us noted that the arrows we were standing on headed to the north, so with the heavy hint in the run directions about bringing a torch (ie we were going through Karrakatta Cemetery) we thought we had the run mapped before we left.

An excellent long loop at the start had us back near the bucket after 5 mins and into Karrakatta soon after. The bush sections in the cemetery had numerous opportunities for false trails that were taken up by the hares. After getting out into cemetery proper the regular road grid also provided good running conditions but opportunities for short cutting when caught on the wrong side of a check (as happened to your scribe and THE MOLE). After leaving the cemetery we had a brief stint out in the suburbs before heading back into the cemetery again, through more bush and up more false trails.

We arrived back at the corner of Smyth and Monash and then on to a short run home in ~50 mins. An excellent run, it’s not often you get away with a figure 8 run!

At the circle, numerous people got down downs for being returnees and SKID, SIR KNOB and RHINO got down downs for birthdays. EMU was given a T shirt by an anonymous donor and BARCODE and all his extended family celebrated the arrival of his new son, Toby.

The Ghost Who Walks then served up chicken curry and rice that went down very well.

A non a mouse