2425 ST PETER and caste of Thousands in Freo

 2425 – St. Peter's Freo Frolick

One way to keep warm on a cold winter's Monday evening in Perth is to stay at home, turn up your reverse cycle air-con and pull on your Uggs. The other is to join Perth's premier running club – the Perth Hash House Harriers, on an 8km run around the streets of Fremantle. Well thanks to this week's hare St Peter and his co-hares, Mumbles and Polecat,that is what a pack of around 40 would-be-athletes did.
The run was well set with plenty of chalk where it should be. Meaning that the only reason people had to leave the trail was for shortcutting! The route wound its way passed the prison and down to the Esplanade where there was a welcome drink stop to partake of a warming, select vintage (2016?) port. Back on thetrail and a few more road crossings later, we returned to the bucket in just under 45 minutes, ready for a nice chilled cup of splash.
All in all a good run – however this was probably the most dangerous run I have experienced this year, simply because of the number of times we had to cross the busy roads of Fremantle! Once, we crossed a busy road to find a False Trail only to cross back over again. Another time we crossed the road to the other side for just 100m of trail and then back again!
I didn't count the Hashers out and so there was no point counting them back in again at the end of the run but it seemed like everyone managed to remember their road safety rules as the crowd gathered for a quick circle. Down downs were handed to a few returnees, Pembo for his birthday and SCB for his slick hairstyle. Finally we rounded off the night with some tasty tucker – burgers with onions, cheese and a hot chilli sauce.
Well done St Peter and Co.
So next Monday evening how are you going to keep warm? Why not come for a run with the Perth Hash House Harriers and enjoy Christmas in July Hashing style!

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