Run 2424
Lasagna & Gnocchi
Sheldrake Reserve Balcatta
It was another cool start for the run but with no rain in sight.

The pack set off across the reserve with the walkers hanging back a little in anticipation a loop might bring the runners back.
 The report I received from the runners the trail was very well marked with chalk and flour across the darker parts of the run. Good running country with a minimum of hills to enable the runners to enjoy the scenery.
The run could have done with a few more False Trails  generally, the pack was kept fairly well together and was able to come in with the walkers the sign of a well set run.

 The pack arrived at the bucket to be greeted by a great selection of olives, salami, Italian bread with olive oil and to cap it all, a pizza van provided everyone with an excellent selection of freshly cooked pizzas. Top grub

Antman won the Bell for incorret dresing and Triple J got lost again

I must not forget to thank FT for the carton of Lazy Yak to celebrate his birthday
Thank you Lasagna and Gnocchi for a great run and excellent food to finish a good night.
9 OUT 10.
On On
St Peter