2412 Ace and Rhino ruin Ardross

Run 2412  ACE & RHINO   (FLYBY & PLOD)  Got a ring to it hasn’t it. Could be another name change!
Well, starting with the venue.  It was in the exact location of the directions and not turned into a housing development or something else,  You can all guess what I mean?
It was well lit.  a good covered area and ample parking.  I even had two parking bays to myself!  It cost me a down down though. 
The food was very good,  although it is the only time I ever eat pizza.  I was surprised to find a couple of other blokes said the same.
On the walking side of it, I thought the location was great.  Seeing some of the new designs of the large  houses being  built there with a lot of the old houses in amongst them.  One such house displaying a magnificent garden on the front verge.  The other mob wouldn’t see any of that.
About the other mob, one of our friends said it was a bit short, only 40 minutes.  I commented “Were you only trying to get home before the chips ran out?”
No it wasn’t Rumpold or FT.  But I believe it was a very good run.  Well done to the Hares, (What ever their names)
As an afterthought never bring up GRANDAD for a Down Down . He is impossible to shut up
On On  Xmas