2409 PEMBO ‘s Laksa Run

Run 2409         Tuesday 29 March 2016                     Pembo’s Famous Laksa Run


An anxious crowd were eager to get underway – the quicker the run, the quicker we could get stuck into the Laksa. But not to be, due to a prang on the freeway, it was decided to delay the start by 15 minutes. Of concern , Bushie was stirring up the crowd telling us it was an 11 clicks run. Elbows agreed to mind the wagon but this proved to be a wrong decision, I understand he got stuck into the piss and was duly chastised by the local plod for street drinking.


The run interestingly started from behind the Good Samaritan old clothes drop-off – perhaps Pembo was sending us a subliminal message to get rid of some of our ancient T shirts – but soon we were in familiar territory and recognised last years painted arrows and same landmarks. About 5 minutes into the run, the peace was shattered by our ever vigilant run master advising that the runners had seriously missed the trail and were running in the opposite direction. Sanity soon prevailed and thanks to the ever reliable Scummy the run was soon back on track.


It became fairly easy to follow the trail and you have to admire Pembo for his initiative and foresight – mark the trail in paint and use the same course for each run thereby seriously reducing the amount of effort and stress that comes from setting a run. We eventually had a drink stop at Pembo’s house and we must apologise to his wife and lovely daughters – 50 smelly hash men tramping through his house. I hope they had plenty of air freshener.


I have to confess that I shortcut the last part of the run but still did 6.4 kms. I am not sure what the Seagull meter recorded but I don’t think it was 11 km.


The circle was great, just the right length – appreciated by all and Birdman would have given it his seal of approval. What a committee!!


The best part of the night was about to start, fantastic Laksa and even gourmets such as Kilkenny and Barefoot gave it their seal of approval it. The wine flowed and I was fortunate enough to be not driving so I drank Bushie’s share. The club is indebted to Pembo for his generosity in again having his Famous Laksa Run and we look forward to his run in 2017 – same date and location.


As we quietly dispersed into the night, the peace was gently disturbed by the sound of bottles clinking together. On investigation it was Rumpole and Budgie doing their ritual counting of the undrunk cans – such devotion to their responsibilities.


Well done Pembo