2392 RAMROD and Scottish friends do ST ANDREW

RAMROD and Co,   St Andrews Run


Run started with Phantom reminding me about being organized for my run. West Coast dirty dozen joined us for this Commemoration of our friend SCOTTIE

The run weaved thru parks , schools (some for the retarded which would suit some of our members), bush, lanes and streets .Well set with lots of FT’s  and many trails quite close to each other . Great use of territory lots of hills for the old blokes to go up and down. Heard many knees making funny noises! Several hashman reminded me to be organized for my run as Phantom would give me shit.

The pack was stretched at times but most came in 45- 50 mins. Reminded again to be organized for my run.

The circle suited BIRDMAN  -it was short and sweet with no penalty downs and the BELL was NOT awarded. Nanny was confused !

BAREFOOT piped in the Haggis and CRIPPLE J UNdressed it with a little help from the resident HAGGIS .  

SCOTTIE , if he is UP THERE would have approved.

The Haggis food was avoided by a few wimps and it was followed by a Chilli Bean salad

and large boiled Potato. Reminded by a few people to be organised for my run as Phantom was watching.

Top night and great effort from RAMROD , SIR TOMARSE and SCUMMY

ON ON  RELUCTANT (who is not organized)

RAMROD and Co,   St Andrews Run