Run 2717- Polecat at Karoonda Reserve, Booragoon

ARISTOCRAT (also known as Ace Ambulance ) with Elbows better known as :

The Freo Doctors

It’s a while since we started from this spot and there was shelter if the rains came, but it turned out to be a perfect night .

The Walkers followed a well marked map which left no doubt which route to take as we followed the spine of the run .  We followed back streets, lanes and thru Booragoon Shopping centre, until we hit the bush tracks in Wireless Hill. Here the numerous tracks did not show well on the map and we managed to get lost and come out on the West side of the Park (not the South as intended )

At this point we abandoned the map and headed home roughly retracing our steps getting back in 1 hr ten .

We assessed that the run itself might be hard to follow even with numerous false trails as the restart each time seemed a little difficult to find and at the end of 1:25 mins some of our senior runners were a little puffed out !!  But even though the incoming runners were spread they seemed to enjoy themselves

Polly stood in for Pembo (off seeing the Krauts -don’t mention the war ) and he was short and sweet  but gave a top joke about penguin shagging .

Reluctant gave both barrels to fellow geo Action for not being able to open a simple gate (you pull not push mate) and gave the run an 8.5  

Sausage hot pot went down well to finish a top night

WBDFQ   Phantom