Run 2716 – Topgun at Belmont

Run 2716 – Topgun – Belmont

Well, what a night. I sailed west in my car pushed by 50knott gusts to the run site in Belmont. Cost me only about $1.50 in petrol to get there but probably $30 to get home.

Great cover inside the Coles Second Bite factory unit where Topgun has started his runs from time immemorial.

This was by a large margin the best run he has ever set, admittedly given a very low baseline. But wait. It was a “Claytons” run – the run you set when you don’t set a run.

Toppy had a higher calling(election work) and Phantom and Sir Knob graciously came forward as Hares to help out.

Belmont is a prick of an area to set a run, and given the harsh conditions on the night, made even worse. However, this was a crafted well thought out run and generally had the pack together throughout.

The start was the usual FT then the pack headed north into “no name” pathway along a stormwater stream. The Tickler had a map in the event the run was totally washed out and it was at the 5 minute mark that he was totally flummoxed. We have another Phantom in the making as he turned the map upside down, around and around and then turned it over to get bearings. By this time El Beaux had found trail (El Beaux?? What’s he doing running??Don’t hearts have a say in the matter)  and off we took in a clockwise direction over Abernethy Rd along GE Hwy snaking back and around Centenary Park. You know the rudiments of a good run when Peter Pitt is occasionally in front followed closely by Moses plus dog. From C Park we essentially ran west back towards home with good false trail and a few checks – again the pack was together – and finally back to the other side of the storm water walkway then back up Robinson Ave to home. I reckon about a 50 minute run of only light rain so we all returned only slightly damp. You did it, Hares. Good run in shitty conditions, and I don’t know how you did it, but the fair weather hour was picked and made the run all the more enjoyable.

At the On On afterwards it was good to see Dicky back after illness, but also Deeply Boring and Fijian Rumpy OD back. Then I heard Polly say “Fuck tradition we’re serving food first before the circle”. This had Top Gun frantically putting out boxes of pizza which he told me quietly he was hoping to serve cold after a long circle just to give the boys the shits after such a good run. Some hashmen never change!

Now it was reported that Stewy fell over on the walk. What!!! Another one!!!! It’s now obvious that we are going to have to nominate a weekly fallee as part of the run agenda so everyone gets a turn.

Also, it’s time to notice board those weekly Covid winners and this week it was Xmas and Dollar. Get well boys, it’s not the nicest way to spend time absent from hash.

And now we have a child abuse segment with Q receiving the short end of Reluctant’s stick with a brothel joke. I’m told he is of tough extraction so he’ll pull through the trauma by next week…..and so will Q.

Did you notice that there was no talk about aussie rules football on the night. Yeah, well, we’ll let that one rest.

It did not go unnoticed. The smirk”I told you so” on one hashman’s  face all through the walk and On On afterwards. Never easy with… Sir Knob. And worse still Crayfish sucking up to this man in political discussion during the night. Is the crustacean going to change sides? Have the libs moved too far right???So, which is true – have the Pentecostals won or lost??

Happy birthday to Ace – was it your 77th?

Well that’s it. Great run and On On. This factual run write up will be on time as the author has been freatoned with the curse, “ may all the hairs on your arse turn to little hammers and beat the shit out of you”  if it is not.