Run 2715 -Bushie at Tuart Hill

The below is ‘stolen’ from Moses’ write up (thanks anyway):

Bushie’s 70th bash

We gathered in Acorn Lane with a turnout of 41 including Growie and Deeply Boring. Good to have Ace and Dick Tracey back too.

Locating the Bucket to satisfy the two pilots took some resolution but it all worked pretty well with enough parking and not too much through traffic during the circle.

The run was well set and used the territory well as one would expect from Bushie and FT. The two drink stop blew the minds of some of the runners and it was with relief that we found the second school water fountain so the Hashmen could concentrate on running, There were 14 runners to start and 11 finished together at a shade over 7½ km in 67 minutes.

At Dog Swamp, Jack Russell decided to have a closer look at the verge which smelt pretty bloody awful with a tumble that hurt only his pride.

Bushie provided Guinness at the bucket and provided a damned fine meal of curry & rice with chips and it was pretty impressive to see forty plates being delivered almost simultaneously. A bit of sweating from Bushie when the meal took just a while to come out, but it was hot, tasty good chips and greatly appreciated by the throng.Well done Bushie.

The stand-in RA/Nanny score of 9.17 a good result.Another Monday evening in paradise.