Run 2683 – FT in Craigie

FTs Rainbow Worriers run in the far north with the Mole

Chunda had a shit of a day. Found out the clutch had gone on my
four by and then followed by my lawn mower not firing up. That set the
tone of the day for I needed some form of resuscitation. Luckily a
ride was forthcoming courtesy of Elbows and Haggis. Even more luck
followed by the ugly looking inclement weather which meant because I
didn’t have any wet weather protection I would get wet. Luckily it
meant that I could enconse myself in the bucket and sample that
wonderful Margaret River Stout and Guiness of which I had 4 before the
boys got back. Thanks Xmas. Lucky me.

Thirty two turned up 20 walkers and the rest runners.
FT had the foresight to hand each group a copy of the run because
within minutes the heavens opened up washing out the trail. It was
quite a long run about 7.8 kms long with 14 F/Ts with a drink stop and
water melon offered. Lucky me there was no stout offered.

Highlight of the circle was Xmas’s joke

Another highlight was Action getting his 40 year Mug
Also Crayfish reached 34 years Hashing

Food was excellent. Delicious coleslaw and corn beef in a bun.

And I finished up with 7 beers for the night.
Lucky me. On On. Chunda

Author: John Najar

self funded retiree