Run 2681 – Haggis in Shelley

Run 2681 – Haggis in Shelley Park
A good location for a run. Haggis said he spent three and a half hours setting the run on his own so it promised to be a long one. Map below, provided by Moses, showing where the runners went.
The Walkers thought the trail well marked and crossed Leach Highway by the bridge and continued down through interesting territory and crossed back at the lights at High Road almost opposite home taking right on the hour. Unfortunately the runners ran past the trail over the bridge and ended up running as long retracing the outward trail.
Back at the bucket there were individual bowls of biscuits, cheese and olives a plenty for 38 hashers on a very pleasant evening.
Emu did an excellent job, with little notice, as stand in RA, Nanny having gone down with Man Flu.
Food was delicious pasta and bolognese sauce.

Author: John Najar

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