Run 2677 – Barcode in Kalamunda

BARCODE and Family The Kalamunda Hillbillies
It,s a long drive for the Chardonnet set from the Western Suburbs and was made longer by the fact that our regular passenger , BOTAK ,was not at the pick up spot .We phoned to find out that he lost track of time –a sign of Old Timers disease . to his credit he did turn up and join us at around 6:10 – [editor’s note! 5:10 may be the correct time?]
Anyway we arrived with 5 minutes to spare to the freezing climate of the hills . After a great loop of the Oval and environs the pack ,including Walkers ,arrived back on Canning Rd.The runners went one way and the Walkers short cut to the Shopping Centre where we followed various lanes ,arcades and false trails to Stirk Pk
At this point PEMBOs pooches thought a swim in the swamp was a good idea-not . Then Dickie and Colonel did a 360 on the slippery park and the Running Pack caught up with us .Over Kalamunda Rd and into the bush where we found evidence of PEMBO again -Arrows painted on ground – and the pack then took off downhill .We slower chaps headed for home arriving at 7PM whereas the runners showed up about 25 mins later.
A well set run with lots checks and good false trails (as expected )but probably a trifle long for our aging runners (except Q )
At the ONON we were graced with other locals like DAVE the POM and SEAGULL but the standout was the ageing Nat Fyfe look alike -ARISTOCAT Talk about trying to stay Young
Several Birthday cartons appeared -Wagon Guinness and Cans assorted Old English Ales -Hope didn’t miss anyone
Finally the food Very tasty triage of chicken /beans /curry and rice
A few more beers and back to civilisation –Glad I wasn’t driving home

Author: John Najar

self funded retiree