Run 2675 – Jack Russell in East Perth

This run had all the signs of a disaster with a storm front passing through although a surprising 33 turned up despite the weather. Would have been 34 but Bushie got lost on the way!!! No shelter, no light and no parking (as the Eagles match at Optus stadium had been moved to 6:10pm and the area was awash with cars). However who said Hashmen can’t get a quart into a pint pot! With some excellent marshalling all the cars were squeezed in one way or another. The van provided light and limited shelter was provided by an gazebo tied to a fence after it had blown away once.
The pack gathered in the dark with the runners set off in one direction and the walkers led by Phantom in the opposite. We went along the river and around Claisebrook and back in record time as Phantom seemed to worry about getting wet. Very pretty lighting effects to entertain the troops. Back at the bucket after about 35-40 minutes we found the runners who had lost the trail in the dark and wet. See the attached map below to find where you should have gone.
Everyone got stuck into the ration amidst complaints of “no dark stout”. This was because of the large amount of other beer returned from a fortnight ago. Have no fear there will be some next week. After the circle and food (plenty of excellent pizzas) the heavens opened with the rain trying to fall horizontally. The pack brought a new meaning to social distancing huddled under the gazebo in the space not taken up by a table and resembled a group of penguins in perpetual motion- those on the weather side constantly trying to move to the centre or the lee. Once that stopped we packed up and moved out (again expertly extracting the vehicles) before the spectators at Optus came back to their cars. We didn’t know that they were prevented from leaving because of the threat of lightning.
It was a great night despite the conditions. Well done Jack Russell and Moses you turned a disaster into a success under very difficult circumstances.. On On. by Ramrod (only because Skid is too slack to provide a write-up)

Author: John Najar

self funded retiree