Run A3E hex – ANZAC RUN – Tuesday

Meanwhile at the Kelly Gang hideaway…

The Perth Harriettes sub-group of 5 went for a walk/run around the hills in Yokine (often referred to as Mt. Yokine by our dear hash mate Stumbles). They returned in good spirits and Mary Poppins fed the group chicken and roast vegetables with a side of tasty chips baked in the oven. I managed to drag myself away from the Zoom Virtual Circle to have a serving…yummm…

Perth Hash Zoom Virtual Circle # 4

Wed 29/04/2020 8:40 AM

Bushie & Gumby, well done you two.

I was unable to join you as I was on zoom at the same time with old mates (surfing, junior footy etc) we all went to each others 21st birthday days, Ouch but a lot of fun & laughs.

Cheers Budgie

I started the Zoom Virtual Circle at 5:45 PM in preparation for any short-cutters as the MailChimp email was scheduled for 5:45 PM

In attendance was Bushranger, Conman, The Mole, Topgun, Flasher & Mastitis. My apologies if i have this wrong as I didn’t record the session (which I will do next week just so I can confirm who was there!).

Apologies from Birdman.

We are not trying to compete with the ‘real runners’ but provide a meeting place for those not attending the ‘real run’ due to concerns about exceeding the 10-person group limit.

The meeting was a little more subdued than the previous week due to ‘robust’ hashers not being there!

Bushie showed many video clips from his recent collection from ‘Sawbones’. Talking about Sawbones Bushie visited Sawbones & Dimity during the week to pick olives from his four olive trees, Ha ha, the trees are huge and there are Jumanji style gardens and garden hardware obstacles under the trees that haven’t been picked over by (invited)  neighbours.

So I wasn’t that good in picking olives so Sawbones, dressed in trackie dacks and thongs (feet thongs not the other sort), climbed the ladder and picked many for me. Not bad for an 80 year old! Dimity also asked me if I’d like some self-sown olive trees – she claimed that she had counted 16 of them. I left with abou 11 seedlings. Thanks Peter (aka Sawbones) & Dimity! Mary Poppins is pickling the olives in jars kindly given to me by Sawbones.

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There were a few more show (screen) and tells then the meeting finished the the 40 minute Zoom free time limit.

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