Run A3E hex – ANZAC RUN – Tuesday

Being a Tuesday run the Perth Harriettes were also running. BUT because of the COVIUD-19 lockdown were we really running? The lockdown had been relaxed slightly so groups of 10 were allowed to exercise together so long as they practiced the 1.5 metres social distancing.

At the Bushranger and Mary Poppins household in Yokine there were two events:-

  • A Perth Hash House Harriers Zoom Virtual Circle at 6:00 PM
  • A Perth Harriettes group of 5 run at 6:30 PM followed by a Mary Poppins meal.

Meanwhile,somewhere far far away in a distant Galaxy …. there was a Horse’s Rat Bag – Special Message from Polly on Mon 27/04/2020 9:40 PM.

 On Sec’s Message

I know that we haven’t had a run for several weeks and some hashmen have found that tough going. So I am writing this slowly so that everyone understands.

Today is Monday,

It is a Public Holiday

When there is a Public Holiday Perth Hash House Harriers run on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is Tuesday.

If you look at an archived calendar from the past you can see that we were supposed to have Run 2622 combined with the other clubs for ANZAC Day.

The Wuhan Flu scuttled that effort.

Now that the restrictions have been eased, we are going to have a “run” under the new rules.

It will be with a live hare/hares or maybe not.

Groups of no more than 10 will set off for 45 -55 mins and arrive back as though there had been a perfect trail set.

This was Polecat’s good idea. Well done I reckon.

There will be NO FOOD.

There will be NO CHIPS

Each group of 10 will have a gofer to go to the bucket and collect the rations for the other 9.

We don’t want to stuff it up and have it all cancelled again.

If you have some spare hand sanitiser, please bring it. Rumpole has been unable to source a sufficient amount, even though the distilleries have been making it. You get a very interesting cocktail if you use Whipper Snapper Gin and it has been labeled incorrectly.

There won’t be a circle and there won’t be any downdowns.

So that is the story to date.

We’ll see you there if you are coming. Otherwise we won’t

On On


Horse’s Rat Bag Committee

 Fri 1/05/2020 3:37 PM

What Happened Monday
Run A3E hex

Well I finally got the date and run right at the top, after a pointer from Bushie. Thanks

We met in East Perth. A number of intrepid, intoxicated, inoculated hashmen assembled for the first get together after the Wuhan Flu Suspension.   We split into two groups, a number who classed themselves as runners and some others who rightly called themselves walkers. After a general idea of where were going the runners led by Polecat, headed off. The walkers, changed leadership very quickly deferring to the superior local knowledge of Ramrod, headed off along the river to Claisebrook, crossing over the high bridge and then heading to the Matagarup Bridge as most of us hadn’t been there before. Along the edge of the stadium and back over the Windan Bridge and along the river to home, where we encountered a late comer in Grizzly.   Social distancing was practised perfectly and Rumpole had the bucket under a suitable light, so hashmen approached individually to get their ration.   It worked very well, with everyone respecting the rules.

There was also a Virtual Hash online. No details yet as to how many attended.