Run A3D hex – Polecat’s run of the Year

Gumby asked me to host this weeks Zoom meeting as he was unavailable at 6:00 Pm on Monday 20 April 2020.

So I sent out advice via MailChimp to see if that would get a better response than the invitation sent using WhatsApp last week.

We had a total of 19 Perth Hashers join use during the Zoom meeting so I would class that as a success! Well done guys! We had a few ducks on the pond from time to time but it was all good fun.

What a happy bunch of Hashers!

The movie will be released soon…
Here is the Trailer…just click on the link Click here

As you can see from the screen shot/dump/snip/clip there were a number of (dodgy) hashers present at the Zoom Meeting aka PH3 virtual circle.

They include Bushranger (initial host until he bowed to the superior experience of Gumby and handed over the host duties to him), Gumby, Ringburner aka Rbnr, Fags aka Patricia Tamminga, Skid aka acca dacca, Sir knob aka Croatian Cousin, Phantom (ghost who is learning to walk), Grizzly who brings our weather each week, Rumpole (who decided to bring a webcam and microphone this week), Mole, Mastitis who dropped in (& out), Flasher, Conman (mysteriously very quiet this week), El Beaux, Plus absence friends (that means I forgot who they were .. Ok I’ll prepare the virtual ice.

Well we all had a jolly good time. That’s my run rite up.

Expressing an interest in joining us next week are…(in no particular order):-
Footrot (ahh… just kidding)
Barcode (no, I made that up)
Budgie (as soon as he can find the key to his cage).
Chunder (when he inserts his hearing aids)
Colonel (he has finished his isolation)
Sawbones (after Bushie has provided him with instructions)
Shakin’ (really?)
Stumbles (I hope he can make it)

Thanks for all those who participated in the Zoom meeting.

Royal Perth Yacht Club are using Zoom…oops did I say that out aloud?

Virtual Run Write Up (VRWU) is now completed….

Listen to Perth Hash House Harriers’ song (it’s the only one we have).

On On