Run A3C hex – Pembo’s Laksa Run (no not that kind of run)

Easter again but this year no social interaction. Pembo’s Laksa Run won’t be the same without Laksa.

Laksa soup (malaysian coconut curry noodle soup)

With public gatherings, including Masses, banned in Italy to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Vatican published an updated version of Pope Francis’ schedule for Holy Week and Easter.

In a statement today, the Vatican said that all Holy Week celebrations will be celebrated at the Altar of the Chair in St Peter’s Basilica “without the participation of the people”.

The same with HASH – Easter Laksa run “without the participation of Hashers”. WTF?

So onto the cloud we went. This time…with…Zoom.
We intended to flaunt with death err… well live in the fast lane at least!

Gumby had done extensive research into many social media platforms – PHuck when you live and work in Argentina what else are you going to do with your time?

(Gumby) I have been looking at various options for a while as well, including for another group. These included trialling:-

  1. Houseparty,
  2. Messenger,
  3. Skype,
  4. Skype for Business,
  5. Webex Meet,
  6. Webex Teams, and
  7. Zoom.

I was initially against Zoom for a variety of reasons, as there were many alternates. However, when I actually read and saw many of the reviews, most issues were regarding Zoom Bombing. No matter which application you use, if you advertise the invitation, anyone can drop into the meeting.

This is why I have suggested that we adopt the recommendations that I highlighted. I have spent considerable time researching and trialling the various apps. I suggest that you also read and see the reviews that I have sent, and come back with your concerns. Its not about re-inventing the wheel, but about finding an app that Users are comfortable with (ease, familiarity etc), is seamless (no config or usage issues), provides a social level of security and very importantly, easy to use. As we know, we have some very technically challenged Users who are part of this group and I am trying to find the easiest solution that meets their technical comprehension capability.

So Gumby sent out invitations to a Zoom meeting (via WhatsApp).

We had a small group of die-hard hashers join our Virtual Circle.

They were (apologies if I missed anyone but I am a senior):-
* Gumby
* Polecat (aka Aristocat)
* Bushie
* Phantom
* Birdman
* Sir Knob

We all had a jolly good time!
On On
to next Monday night.