Shelldrake Reserve Runners Club, Run #2

6th April 2020 : Nanny’s Awesome foursome run

What time does the 6 o’clock run start? 6 o’clock! Nanny, Lasagna, Gnocchi and Meeka (the dog) that totals the 4 to all you clever hashmen. We left Nanny’s place in 1 minute intervals social distancing. I have lived in Stirling for 35 years and didn’t know we had so many parks. That’s were my rates go to, nice green parks. We kept heading east, further away from home, I felt a Nanny marathon coming on. Another green park and finally we turned to the home direction. Another park, another park, onto yet another park. Finally Nanny said, 1 more park and we will head home. Gnocchi heard us from the front of the pack and sprinted back to Nanny’s house with Meeka.

Back at Nanny’s he had some nice cold home brew, and assortment of tasty beers. Well done, top run. Had wobbly legs walking home was it the marathon run or the home brew? Thanks Nanny.

OnOn Lasagna