Run 2613 – Mastitis’ All Black Run


This is testing the memory somewhat as we have since had and written up the Blue Dress Run.

However this intrepid Horn has decided to dig deep and recalls a damned fine run set by a seasoned Hashman with a pile of smarts even if tested by rain and having to re-mark the run at the last gasp.

So we set off from Blackall Reserve on an 8km or so run which offered plenty for the serious runners, but also leaving enough for the lesser folks such as c’est moi who only ran 7.0 km in the hour.

We headed South through a bit of bush and looped getting close to the Mitchell Freeway but cleverly avoiding crossing any main roads.

Then we stayed in a clockwise circle running up Coolibah Drive before heading back East and North past the Greenwood College and the West Greenwood Primary school and another loop to test us before leading us home back to the Reserve.

Then Larry the Man delivered an adequate and elegant meal of turkey burgers.

All in all a very good show and worth everything and more of the score given by the RA.