Run 2610 – Elbows Chicken Run

Chicken Run is a 2000 stop motion animated comedy film produced by the British studio Aardman Animations in partnership with American studio DreamWorks Animation. The studio’s first feature-length film, it was directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park from a screenplay by Karey Kirkpatrick and story by Lord and Park.

What Happened On Monday?

We headed to Willetton for Elbows run.
We gave away a shitload of money, we had chicken again, thank goodness they have stopped giving chickens hormones I don’t know what we would look like with all the chicken we are eating.
We gave Rhino his name back, everyone got a T-shirt and a singlet to celebrate our birthday, we had to leave by 8-30 before the gate was locked so we all went home early some with a few bucks in their pocket.
Next stop AGPU thank fuck
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Triple J

Polly’s Raffle

Well what a night!

How ironic was it, that very early in the run, we went straight past Mal Atwell’s shop, where I have been buying all of the tickets from.

The night was full of expectation with the promise that all 4 kitties would be won.

Tickets sold like proverbial hot cakes and in fact, 390 were sold on the night. An all time record.

Dicky had to help get all the butts in the bucket as I was getting RSI. As it turned out I needed a bigger bucket.

First up Top Gun/Rhino pulled out Apricot H06, but there was no owner.

Then Apricot H74 owned by Grizzly who wasn’t able to pull the cover off a wet and dry thermometer let alone the Joker. He drew 2H.

That left just six cards. Grizzly drew Red H73 and then up came Q and whilst singing his theme song, “If I was Rich Man”, and then he was one, having managed to do something that nobody else could, he pulled The Joker and won Kitty2 valued at $938.25.

Back in went The Joker, back in went Q’s golden hand and out came Pink G78 and it was Another Prick in The Wall.

He stepped up to the dwindling deck and pulled The Joker, earning himself $738.25 in the process.

In went The Joker again, in went APIW’s silver hand and out came Green H54.

Up came Colonel and he drew THAT BLOODY JOKER again. A friggin’ hat trick. He collected $538.25

In went The Joker again, by this time he was emulating Elbows, in, out,in, out…

This time it was Pink G26 and up came Dollar Bill.

Could we do four in row, after 47 no shows. The odds were against him with only six cards.

No he didn’t, he extracted 2C and our little friend was still hiding.

Next was Red H90 and Xmas was given the chance to try his luck and he did it. Grabbing The Joker and collecting the last Kitty of $338.25

Last week I said that we would give away over $2,400, we actually gave away $2,553 and for some, it Was Their Lucky Day.

Total funds raised for the 50th were $2966.50, which is nearly 20% more than I estimated.

In all 44 different Hashmen had the chance to draw for The Joker.

I would like the thank Flasher for stepping in when I wasn’t available to run the raffle and Dick Tracey and Budgie for helping on the night and to everyone else who took part.

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