Run 2611 – AGPU @ Forrestfield

We arrived at the longest, skinniest car park ever. Looked like the Mitchell Freeway at 5:00 pm except that the cars were side by side instead of end to end. It stretched from Forrestfield to Orange Grove.

Eventually the Hashmen congregated at the sports pavilion for Triple J’s final departure speech and then we were off.

Through the streets of Forrestfield, along creek reserves through parks to a drink stop that the runners apparently missed. Don’t know how, before wending our way back to the bucket.

Down-downs were given for visitors; Son of Dave and Boner. Pembo got one for letting his dog crap between the cones on a relatively pristine oval just as the kids were starting training. Remember dogs 15m from the food and now dog shit 15m from the kids. New Rule. Rumpole get one for a lack of Tooheys Old in the bucket.

Hash 10 Year Anniversary mugs were given out to Pembo, Conman, and Sherlock and a 20 Year one for Moses. Of course they all got downdowns, but cleverly placed the plastic cups inside their new mugs so they didn’t get it dirty, or they didn’t get poisoned, one or the other.

Budgie got a well deserved down-down for throwing Triple J’s hat in the bin, although after Triple described how it got there, it was more like a condom that a hat apparently. Maybe VW stands for Very Wet.

Grand Master Barcode then took the crate and called forward our Two Founding Members, Cans and St Peter and made them both Life Members of the club. A well deserved honour for 50 years of Hashing in Perth.

He then presented the Annual Awards.

This will also re republished in the ANAL.

Annual Awards
Henry Lawson Award for EloquenceGoliath
The Silver TrapRimmer
Dunny SeatShakin’
Gordon Blue Sir Knob
Run of the YearLasagna
Prick of The YearXmas
Hashman of the YearPolly