Run 2609- Mole Burrows into Sandhills

Hare:  The Mole

Co-Hares:  Baldy

To paraphrase JJJ’s  report outrageously:
We  headed  north to Whitfords  Beach for The Mole’s run no 2609.

After a warm to hot day we were encouraged to bring our bathers for a swim. By the time we assembled the temperature had dropped under the influence of the sea breeze and living was easy so no one availed themselves of the opportunity.  Shame. Some of the local ladies looked ok too.

We were joined by Lasagna looking much the worse for wear after his tumble the previous  week in the hills.

A smallish crowd of about 35 gathered, buying raffle tickets like crazy in the hope of recovering their annual fees. 

An unusually jovial Mole grumbled slightly less than normal as he sent the pack off on what turned out to be approx.  8kms of very close checks and FT’s which kept the pack together really well and was very well commented upon by the pack. The walkers, ably led by NCO Dollar in Colonel Walkers’ absence on sick leave, followed a lot of seemingly identical streets before emerging very close to the bucket after about 45 minutes. Perfect and included a non-alcoholic drink stop. Not sure why but we did get a stern instruction about where to go from there by the Mole. It worked even if no-one listened.

The runners all appeared about 30 seconds after Polecat  who had short cut at about 100m from the bucket.

Returnees were Antman, Bushie and Park Ranger. Mole celebrated his 19th Perth hash anniversary with a smile (I think that’s what it was anyway- or maybe  gout). Xmas outdid himself with a good joke nobody listened to because his rendition is always more entertaining than the joke itself. Gotta love him don’t you?

Generally a very well regarded run and given 8 out of 10 I think.

Into the dinner of hot chicken, buns and salads which went down so well the left-overs were sea-gulled by Elbows, Horse and Lasagna. Gotta be good then, cos Lasagana and Gnocchi were seen eating it  for lunch the next day. Come to think of it: So did I.

Good  run, good night and good company. Well done Mole.

Now on to next week’s run of the century.