Run 2608 – Stewie & Dave The Pom

Stewie and Dave the Pom in Kalamunda

A pack of 40 hashers gathered on a balmy afternoon for a mainly bush run where goats would not dare to tread.
We were about half way up Kalamunda hill so it was a given that we will be scrambling uphill on pea gravel tracks for the next 40 minutes or so…. Dave the Pom had a fall the weekend before just setting the run, so injuries were high on the agenda.
The pack set off uphill, slipping and sliding with near misses from the start. Up, up and more up only too see a hazy view of Perth due to some bushfires down south. As we got to the top of the hill, we had our first casualty in Lasagne who took a tumble.
A bit of bitumen road, many false trails, then back onto the bush tracks to head for the drink stop. The pack got a little lost when they turned into bush only, but they soon found the drink stop at Dave the Pom’s house. Mulled wine was offered and we drank.
Pack got in in about 45 minutes.
Lasagne’s wounds were cleaned up by JerryCan and he promptly went home to get some sympathy from his spouse.
Stewie put on Lamb biryani and rice, which was a bit like Scottie’s Scottish Broth where you had to look for ANY meat in the soup. I think Stewie put in 2 chops and it was a bonus if you got it. Stewie also put on a 70 th Birthday cake to celebrate his milestone.
Next week back to the flat lands at Kallaroo – NO PEA GRAVEL…..

The Mole