Run 2602 – Crayfish

Crayfish & Bushranger at Wembley Sports Centre

We all arrived at the Wembley Sports Centre, ready for a great run. Before the run start we were all offered bottles of water.

As we took off, half way across the park, we saw Nanny trying to teach his dog (MEEKA) how to fertilise the lawn.

We were lead over Selby Street and into the old Shenton Park Quadriplegic Centre, where we were given an automated Warning from a security device. Falling on Deaf ears, with the average age of the pack it was Deaf ears.

Crossing back over the train tracks and over a busy Railway road but being so close to Karrakatta cemetery, Seagull mentioned that if you were hit by a car you could hitch a ride on the bonnet to the cemetery.

Another few more kilometres running through Shenton Park and then on home.

We were greeted with Cheese & Biscuits. Chase the Ace is still alive as Dick Tracey failed to pull the jocker card. For dinner we were served Chicken Schnitzel burgers cooked with love and bare hands by the one and only Chunder.  

They were scored 8/10, Great run all in all!

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