Run 2601​​ – Botak’s Battle of Britain​​​

Hare: Botak

​​​​​​​Cohare: Birdman

Run Director: Phantom

We arrived to be greeted by a very nervous Phantom, because of his injury was unable to assist in setting the run but was confident he had sufficiently briefed the hares to follow his instructions and set a run which lived up to his high standards. I was privy to the run instructions and there were 4 pages (yes 4) of detailed notes. He was hoping that they would not to be tempted to do their own thing.

We watched the early arrivals and assisted the RA to find nominations for the Wilson Parking Award. Colonel arrived and tried to park in the motor cycle bay but fortunately Twitch was able to re-direct him. Then Nanny and he eventually worked it out and his next attempt into a parking bay saw him nearly wipe out the front bumper of is car – he was declared the winner of this prestigious award.

We were briefed by Botak and then 42 intrepid runners and walkers set off heading towards the streets of Shenton Park. Within a short time, we were heading back to the bucket and for a brief minute I thought that a major stuff up was occurring but then figured that the genius of Phantom had introduced a very clever twist to the run. We then headed off towards the hospital and then into Hampton Road. At this stage, the main pack was well ahead of us backmarkers. We were following Scumbag who was following God knows who turned out not be a hashmen so this was where we lost the pack. All was not lost, we headed off towards Kings Park and missed a good part of the run but were fortunate enough to be briefed by Antman on the problem of South American fire ants which were found in Fremantle recently. We beat the pack home and soon saw the RA leading the pack in with Haggis – yes Haggis – following him. According to the Bushie gadgetry, the run was 6.22km, duration 54 minutes and an average speed of 6.9km.

It took the usual 25 minutes for the circle to begin, down downs for Rotator from Albany as a guest and Gnocchi as a returnee. Action (not sure why) and Stewie for injuring his nose on a sliding door and Grizzly being responsible for the severe hot weather (climate change, temperatures rinsing, coal I wonder?). Then Bushie and Flasher for sending jokes to the On Sec which he had used about a month ago (the beginning of dementia?) and Conman for being the 1st to pay his 2020 fees.

Then the RA’s turn – he received applause when he mentioned that the committee had only 10 weeks to go. He asked for someone to give a report on the Saturday night Pride festivities but no takers, acknowledged Mumbles for raising $185 for the Movember Appeal and Nanny for receiving the parking award. Nanny’s dog was there to celebrate and quite oblivious to the 15 metre dog restriction – but I guess Nanny’s dog can’t read so is unaware of this rule. No bell was awarded – I reckon the bell should have been awarded to the RA for suggesting that Xmas read out a joke.

The hares were awarded 7.5 but I reckon they should have got a bonus point for not using the plates. I thought the venue excellent, the run interesting and enjoyable, beer cold and the pizzas delicious – I am sure no one went home hungry. At the end of the circle, Grizzly showed his astronomy knowledge and pointed out Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in the night sky, all within proximity to each other with the moon close by.

Well done Botak and Birdman. I wouldn’t be dead for quids

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