Run 2600 – Cans & Pitt

Hare: Cans Co-Hare: Pitt,

Rising to the challenge, most of us had our cars serviced and fueled-up, and tyres checked for an early departure to that Mecca of the Hills, Darlington, WA. Incidentally, Botak, your scribe, hails from the town of the same name, in the Northeast of England. Apart from the same name, the towns bear no similarity to each other! The Run started close to Darlingtons’ Swimming Pool, We departed almost on time, with a good-sized pack. We were joined by friends and fellow hashers from the West Coast. I think the size of the Pack was pre-determined by the prospect of Can’s reputation for putting on a good meal, with the prospect of a glass of wine, or two. Seriously, we were looking forward to a proper run in good running territory. We were not disappointed, but what would you expect when the Hare and Co-hare have almost 100 years of Hashing experience between them! There were lots of hills and, since it was a warm evening, some of us had our work cut-out negotiating the terrain and the gum nuts. We headed-out East through the “Nan MacMillan Reserve”, then followed a good trail up and down and round and about, to a Drink (water) Stop on Hanzell Road. The water was actually very welcome. Then on again uphill we returned, eventually, and over about 6 km in total, to the On On site near the Swimming Pool. The Circle was called and Triple J and FT officiated. Grizzly and Sir Knob were called as Returnees, both having been away in China at a Pan Asia Hash gathering. Our guests from the West Coast Hash were given a down-down, despite the fact that their beer came at our expense, but then, that’s what friends are for. The food was up to all expectations, with cold meats, cheese, buns and pickled onions. Cans generously provided wine for those who needed it, and a good time was had by all.

On On